Green Data Centre – Stakeholder Group

The CATALYST Project’s Green Data Centre – Stakeholders Group comprises a wealth of data centre exprience spanning many years from all parts of Europe.

The group meets on a regular basis, normally colocated with a prestigous external data centre event to discuss the project results and future plans, thus ensuring that the projects message is cascaded to as many people in the industry as possible.

The first meeting and project launch was held in Amsterdam in September 2018 and brought together over 40 delegates with interests in smart cities, planning, data centres, and standards, further information can be found in the Library

The second meeting was held in Manchester, UK as part of the Data Centre Alliance Retransformation Conference on the 10th September 2019 where the group were shown the proposed Green Data Centre Assessment Tool, Green Data Centre Roadmap, Information on the Archtitecture of the CATALYST marketplace and some proposed Business Models for the “Data Centre of the Future”, that is, using the CATALYST principles.

This was closely followed by the 3rd meeting held at Data Centres Ireland where we had arranged with the organisers to hold a “heat track” which provided an overview of the project, an update on the pilots, a review of the Green Data Centre Assessment Tool and Green Data Centre Roadmap, and a presentation on the Tallaght Heat Project. Later, we held the 3rd GDC-SG meeting to provide more depth on the topics discussed earlier in the event.

This year (2020) we had planned to hold our 4th GDC-SG event at DCD Energy Smart in Stockholm, Sweden on the 28th April, sadly this event has now been cancelled due to the Coronavirus and replaced with a “virtual” event and unfortunately the organisers are unable to accomodate us “virtually”, sadly this virus can caused chaos in the 2020 EVENTS calendar for all types of commercial, governmental and academic institutions and we are evaluating all types of alternative offerings in order to disemminate the projects findings out to the world.

In the meantime, please read through the information contained on this website and if you have any queries please contact us via our email, via our twitter account @catalyst_dc or contact page

We hope to hold our 4th and Final GDC-SG meetings later in Q3/4 2020, and will provide updates via our website, twitter feed and Linked In pages.