D3.3: Federated DCs Migration Controller

The CATALYST framework applies efficient management of Data Centre flexibility assets under operational, financial, and sustainability profits. The management of execution of virtual Information Technology (IT) loads understood as Virtual Containers (VCs) or simply Virtual Machines (VMs) is a potential source of Data Centre (DC) flexibility, handled and managed by the central Data Centre optimization module. The present document describes the CATALYST approach to supporting live migration among Data Centres of different administrative domains, while being transparent to the end user. Specifically, the document provides:

• The Federated DC Migration concept definition within the CATALYST ecosystem, describing the framework within which migration may happen;

• TheFederated DC Migration Processdesign, which specifies the steps/operations conducted for the actual migration to happen;

• Technical design information about the components of the CATALYST architecture (D2.3]) involved in the CATALYST Federated DC Migration, namely the Federated DC Migration Controller, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) (Re-)negotiation Controller, the IT Load Marketplace Connector, while references to the already specified Virtual Container Generator (D3.1 ) and Energy-aware IT Load Balancer (D3.2) are provided.

•Installation instructions for these components and user guidelinesunder specific scenarios. This document accompanies the Federated DC Migration Controller, which is available as open source in the H2020 CATALYST group of the public Gitlab instance.

Further, this prototype will be exploited within the CATALYST framework as the piece of software executing live migration upon request of the Energy-aware IT Load Balancer, properly integrated with the IT Load Marketplace.

View the Report: CATALYST.D3.3.SiLO.WP3.V1.1

At a glance

  • No: 768739
  • Acronym: CATALYST
  • Title: Converting data centres in energy flexibility ecosystems
  • Starting date: October 1, 2017
  • Duration in months: 36
  • Call identifier: H2020-EE-2017-RIA-IA
  • Topic: EE-20-2017; Bringing to market more energy efficient and integrated data centres