CATALYST in Amsterdam

Green IT Amsterdam have been working with Schiphol Airport Development Company (SADC) on the Sustainability Framework for the Green Data Centre Campus (GIT-GDDC-SF) using the CATALYST principles and the Green Data Centre Assessment Tool/Roadmap, this is why SADC feature on the Green Data Centre Roadmap as a station on the Pilots line.

SADC have extended elements of the GIT/GDDC-SF onto other arears in the portfolio of land they have available and this DCD article explains how Cyrus One will be providing waste heat into a proposed district heating system.

The article can be read here

At a glance

  • No: 768739
  • Acronym: CATALYST
  • Title: Converting data centres in energy flexibility ecosystems
  • Starting date: October 1, 2017
  • Duration in months: 36
  • Call identifier: H2020-EE-2017-RIA-IA
  • Topic: EE-20-2017; Bringing to market more energy efficient and integrated data centres