Data Centres Ireland – Thought Leadership Debates – “Heat, Close to the Edge” Registration Link

Our Green IT Amsterdam PM has arranged an additional webinar/debate to take place on the 22nd September @10am – 11:30 entitled “Heat, close to the Edge”

With the EU stating that “Data Centres, can, and should be carbon neutral by 2030” is there the possibility of using the waste heat more efficiently? This expert panel will discuss the potential, the engineering, the enabling infrastructure, the technical skills required and the costs and benefits of waste heat reuse, especially for smaller edge sites and whether the wide scale adoption of innovative technologies such as immersed cooling, tip the industry towards the edge. Discussion will also include reports and updates on actual live data centre heat networks and the latest research from projects such as CATLYST and BODEN Research Data Centre.

Our Guests are:

Alessandro Provaggi – Euro Heat & Power

John O’Shea  – Codema

Nicolas Saintherant – Qarnot

Rolf Brink – Asperitas

Erik Barentsen – Dutch Data Centres Alliance

Alan Beresford – ECO Cooling

Eero Lindqvist – Telia

and moderated by John Booth – Green IT Amsterdam

Registration here

At a glance

  • No: 768739
  • Acronym: CATALYST
  • Title: Converting data centres in energy flexibility ecosystems
  • Starting date: October 1, 2017
  • Duration in months: 36
  • Call identifier: H2020-EE-2017-RIA-IA
  • Topic: EE-20-2017; Bringing to market more energy efficient and integrated data centres