Developers Corner

Our consortium Partner Terpsi Velivassaki from Singular Logic has put togther a list of all the CATALYST software and requests that any interested party, i.e. those organisations working on Smart City, Smart Grid, and DC integration projects to look at the software, download, use it, and provide feedback to us so we can improve the packages:

The CATALYST framework is available as open source at the CATALYST Gitlab Group

She’s also picked out items of specific interest so if you’re…

Interested in the prediction and optimization components of the CATALYST DC FlexManager? Have a look at the Predictions and Optimization group

Here you will find:

The Intra DC Energy Optimizer, which extracts optimization plans of flexibility energy assets management within the Data Centre.

The Electricity DR Prediction, which predicts the electricity generation and consumption loads.

The Heat DR Prediction, which implements the thermal energy production prediction models based on neural networks and CFD simulations

The Energy Efficiency Metrics Calculator, which calculates a number of metrics useful to assess the impact of the optimization plans onto the DC operation (Coming Soon)

The Data Storage and DB API, which provides the data repository implementing the CATALYST data model and storing DC main sub-system characteristics, thermal and energy monitored data, prediction outcomes and optimization action plans.

The DC Operator Console, which provides the CATALYST dashboard for the Data Centre Operator.

Interested in privacy-preserving live migration of IT loads among Data Centres? Check out DC Migration Controller! For details about technical specification and overall operation can be found here

Interested in immutable tracing of lifetime of the loads of the data centre federation as well as data related to the achieved service level agreements? Download and test our blockchains-based Virtual Container Generator! Technical specification can be found here

Interested in flexible SLA management? Here is the SLA Renegotiation Controller!  Technical details can be found here.

Interested in Energy-aware IT Load Balancing? Check out the IT Load Balancer
Technical documentation can be found here.

Interested in the CATALYST Marketplace-as-a-Service, able to easily instantiate multi-carrier (Electricity, Heat, Flexibility, IT Load) markets? Have a look at Marketplace-as-a-Service! Wishing to integrate your Data Centre to a running CATALYST Marketplace? Download and check the Marketplace Connectors
Technical documentation is available here

At a glance

  • No: 768739
  • Acronym: CATALYST
  • Title: Converting data centres in energy flexibility ecosystems
  • Starting date: October 1, 2017
  • Duration in months: 36
  • Call identifier: H2020-EE-2017-RIA-IA
  • Topic: EE-20-2017; Bringing to market more energy efficient and integrated data centres